Create a filtered list of their 1st level contacts

Episode 1 September 18, 2021 00:02:19
Create a filtered list of their 1st level contacts
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Create a filtered list of their 1st level contacts

Sep 18 2021 | 00:02:19


Show Notes

If your team member has a list of 1000+ 1st level connections on their LinkedIn profile, help them to start creating a message that they could send to a selected group of those contacts.

The message could go something like this:

Hi firstname,

We've been connected on LinkedIn for a while so I thought of reaching out to you.

This year I'm looking to build a community of like-minded professionals so that we can all advocate for each other.

My experience is that this is by far the most effective use of our time in producing Tangible results.

It's not about pitches, sales, offers or deals - and for me it's definitely NOT about immediate transactions - it really is about building genuine pro-actively advocating relationships.

I reviewed your profile and realised I have a number of close associates in my network who could also be good connections for you if you are like-minded.

We all know that business has been greatly impacted by the events of this year.

I think it's made us all realise that we all do better by working together.

My motto is: Build trust by "giving first".

If this resonates with you, just click the following link and book a time for a quick Zoom call in the next few weeks so we can see how we may be able to help each other.

There’s no point in JUST being connected on LinkedIn is there? - let's take it further!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you better and seeing how I may be able to best help.

This message could be sent on LinkedIn.

However, we have found emailing rather than sending a LinkedIn message to be very effective.

Among other benefits, sending Email (rather than LinkedIn messages) has the upside of being a different medium and reaches those that only rarely look at their LinkedIn.

On the other hand, emailing can be a more time-consuming process than sending LinkedIn messages. The email process may require your team member to manually extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles. However, we also have automated tools available that can make the process quick & easy if your team member is tech-savvy.

In order to send a message or email to their 1st level LinkedIn connections, your team member will need to select a great list of good candidates.

The process for doing this will be to capture a great filtered list of their 1st-level connections using Boolean searches on LinkedIn. This process is described in the next section.

The next step will be to examine that filtered list and select the connections they want to send a message to.

The next topic covers how you can best help your team members help their new team members start using Boolean searches on LinkedIn.

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